Using an Online Platform to Teach and Engage the Public in Oyster Restoration

The first meeting of the NORA Outreach Group Meeting in 2022 will be fully interactive for all participants: Let’s play how to restore oysters using an online tool! The meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 18th, at 10 am CET/ 9 am GMT online.

The Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain, has been granted a project (Remedios) to study the use of oysters to improve water quality in the area. The research actions will be accompanied by outreach activities with the goal of helping the community understand both the importance of oyster restoration and the complications arising from starting a restoration project in an eutrophic lagoon. Eve Galimany is a bivalve physiologist committed to scientific outreach. She has developed an activity that combines knowledge acquired from two similar cases with an interactive online platform to let the public make their own choices to manage Mar Menor. This activity promotes knowledge, understanding, and community. Are you ready to take part?

We welcome everyone to join us and discuss the management game afterwards or hear about similar approaches. For further information as well as the call-in details please contact Corina Peter (