The BSAC Operation oyster as a citizen science example working with sport divers 

The next NORA Outreach group meeting will take place on Thursday March 23rd at 16 pm CET/15 pm GMT online. 

This time, Andy Hunt from the Britisch Sub-Aqua Club will provide insight into the citizen science project “Operation Oyster“. This project is supporting seabed restoration activities by locating remnant native flat oyster populations and recording where these are in databases accessible by the scientific community. As sport diving restarted in 2022 post COVID, the focus for „Operation Oyster” was on diving and collecting data with BSAC members encouraged to contribute on their own dives and on a number of dedicated expeditions. Partners in the project are Seawilding, BLUE Marine Foundation, ZSL and the University of Portsmouth. For more infos prior to the meeting see here the full  Operation Oyster 2022 report:

After his talk, Andy will answer upcoming questions related to the lessons learned, experiences made and next steps within the project. For more information on the meeting as well as for the call-in details please contact Corina Peter (