French restoration project

Photo: Stephane Pouvreau

France: Forever – Flat Oyster REcoVERy

FOREVER, for Flat Oyster REcoVERy, is a three-year project (2018-2020) to promote the reestablishment of flat oysters in Brittany.
This multi-partner project is led by CRC Bretagne and involves CRC Bretagne Nord, IFREMER and ESITC Caen. It has just been selected as part of the 2017 FEAMP Aquaculture Innovation call for projects.

The project consists of

  1. inventorying and evaluating the status of the main wild flat oyster populations across Brittany,
  2. making detailed environmental analyses of the two largest oyster beds in the bays of Brest (Roz bed) and Quiberon (Penthièvre bed) to enhance understanding of flat oyster ecology and recruitment variability and to suggest possible ways of improving recruitment, and
  3. proposing practical measures for the management of wild beds, in partnership with industry professionals and marine managers though the establishment of an oyster restoration demonstration site using procedures linked to the circular economy.


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Sonia Gachelin