Controlling the Reproduction Cycle in the Hatchery

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ARCHE – Improving Artificial Reproduction in hatCHEry to assist the restoration of the flat oyster in France

The ARCHE project follows on from several research programs undertaken by oysters farmers on the flat oyster (PERLE, PERLE II, FOREVER…) with the ultimate aim of restoring the natural Ostrea edulis beds in Brittany.

ARCHE is mainly working on controlling the reproduction cycle of the flat oyster in the hatchery. This work is essential, because currently the lack of knowledge on the reproduction of Ostrea edulis is still a limiting factor for the development of its production in controlled conditions. In this context, it is therefore crucial to improve knowledge on the different techniques of controlled reproduction with a view to reconstituting and repopulating natural beds.

Thus, the main objectives of this project are the synchronisation and maturation of broodstock to allow controlled reproduction of the flat oyster. In parallel, pre-seeded mini-reefs are created and colonised by juveniles selected for monitoring at sea.

The expected results of this project are :

  • The creation of protocols for conditioning flat oyster broodstock under a controlled diet and for triggering gamete release (new diets, triggering of gametogenesis, etc.);
  • Increasing the number of families produced during a breeding cycle in a hatchery for the purpose of restocking natural beds;
  • The creation of single-family pre-seeded mini-reefs as a basis for the reconstitution of natural flat oyster beds.

ARCHE is a FEAMP-funded project led by the CRC Bretagne-Nord with Sorbonne University and the Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs des Travaux de la Construction (ESITC) of Caen as partners. The project started in April 2020 and will end in March 2023.

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