Outreach Working Group – Summary of the last meeting as of October 25th, 2022

How to use social media to communicate about oyster restoration projects

Luke Helmer, Blue Marine Foundation, presented a summary of social media aspects of outreach work within (oyster restoration) projects. Today there are multiple social media and other platforms available (Screenshot 1), which can be used to present the daily work and/or raise awareness for the importance of our work. The different apps and platforms reach different audiences, it is therefore important to define the target audience before. Within the apps there are different types of posts (Screenshot 2), which can be used. At the moment, videos and reels are most popular and should be used to reach as many users as possible. The interactions and views on each platform can be evaluated using analysis tools, which is useful for e. g. project reports.

Social media is therefore a very useful tool for communicating project work, however it takes time and consistency to reach the audience. Luke and Emma further gave some hints, how to make content creation more successful (Screenshot 3).

If you are interested in the presentation, please contact Corina (Corina.Peter@awi.de) or the NORA Secretariat (secretariat@noraeurope.eu), who can supply you with the slides of Luke and Emma.