Online Symposium on Alternative Substrate for Oyster Restoration

Feb 26-28, 2024 – Abstract submission requested!

The Centre for Environmental Science at the Horn Point Lab (University of Maryland) is organising an online symposium on alternative substrate for oyster restoration and aquaculture on February 26 to 28, 2024

The symposium will be structured with presentations and panel discussions and will bring together the latest knowledge and practices on alternative substrates for oyster fisheries, restoration and aquaculture. The main focus will lay on large areas and/or subtidal efforts with alternative substrates (i.e., anything other than fresh oyster shell).

The organisers have now forwarded the invitation to give a talk at the symposium to the whole NORA community, considering the high level of expertise and knowledge of the NORA members on this subject. The deadline for abstract submission is this week – 19th January

Furthermore, the Centre of Environmental Science would be pleased to welcome as many attendants as possible from the NORA community. Registration is still open.

The information on the symposium as well as links for abstract submission and/or registration can be found here: