NORA to host Ostrea edulis genetics workshop

NORA Advisory Board Member and NORA 3 keynote speaker Pierre Boudry is organizing a pan-European workshop on native oyster genetics in the context of native oyster restoration. The workshop will take place online on Thursday 25th February from 9.30-13.00 CET (8.30-12.00 GMT).

The aim of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for the key research leaders in the field to share their current and ongoing research, and for restoration practitioners to have the opportunity to learn more about the potential avenues of research that may impact oyster restoration activities. Discussion will cover the potential for collaboration, discussion of existing knowledge gaps, and clarification of how genetic studies may assist native oyster restoration activities. This meeting is of interest whether you are seeking to engage in discussing possible future avenues of research, or whether you are just interested in understanding more about the current understanding of native oyster genetics.

The following speakers and talks are programmed:

Sylvie Lapègue (Ifremer, France)
Evolutionary history, convergence and genetic parallelism in the European flat oyster.

Arnaud Tanguy (Sorbonne Université, France)
Use of genomic tools for improvement of the flat oyster production in a context of recolonization of natural beds: the projects PERLE2 and ARCHE

Paulino Martinez (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
Population genomics of flat oyster: genetic markers and candidate genes for resistance to Bonamia ostreae

Jakob Hemmer Hansen (DTU Aqua, Denmark) 
Population genomics and management of the European flat oyster in Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Tim Bean & Manu Gundappa (Roslin Institute, Scotland) 
A chromosome level Ostrea edulis genome assembly and assessing genetics of resistance to Bonamia ostreae

Ample time for questions and discussion is tabled. The event is open to all who would like to understand the current state of play of native oyster genetics and to who would like to understand or discuss the direction of future research. The workshop will also aim to highlight opportunities for collaboration. We look forward to a lively and constructive conversation!

Please contact the NORA Secretariat ( to register your interest and receive the meeting link.