NORA Production Working Group to meet at Aquaculture Europe (2020) 2021

Following the postponement of Aquaculture Europe 2020 in Cork, we have also updated our call for participants in the NORA Production Working Group meeting to take place at the conference.

We invite you to join NORA for a face-to-face meeting of the NORA Production Working Group, at the Aquaculture Europe meeting in Cork from April 13-15th 2021. Places are limited and registration is essential. Please contact the Secretariat to register. 

We have an exciting agenda lined up, including a series of presentations focused on introducing oyster growers to the scope and scale of oyster restoration plans in Europe, and in communicating the work of oyster hatcheries to restoration practitioners. The aim is to provide a forum for open communication regarding the information needed for the two groups to work effectively together in the future. The field of oyster restoration is growing in scope, scale and enthusiasm. Yet throughout the NORA network, the supply of native oyster adults and seed is frequently cited as a limitation in planned restoration projects. We aim to bring growers and restoration practitioners together to explain their mutual aims, requirements and timelines. 

A policy brief will be produced from the meeting, summarising the critical points raised by the Working Group. Initial plans are to include the following topics in the policy brief: 1) the environmental benefits of producing oysters in aquaculture and habitat restoration, 2) the demand for native oysters from restoration projects, 3) the current knowledge gaps in meeting native oyster production for restoration, and 4) the possible strategies for supporting payments to scaling up the production of oyster seed for oyster restoration (e.g. payment for ecosystem services, government support). Please come and contribute and ensure that this policy brief is as inclusive, current, and well informed as possible. The policy brief will be sent to key policy makers and statutory bodies.

We are also pleased to announce the following presentations will be held as relevant background to discussions:

  • Introduction to oyster habitat restoration 
  • Biosecurity of oyster translocations and hatchery-reared seed 
  • Genetics of oyster restoration
  • The business of oyster production- view from a hatchery
  • Payment for Ecosystem Services/Aquaculture and habitat restoration (TBC)

Please bear in mind that places are limited and registration is essential. Contact the Secretariat to register on

The deadline for registration is 1st February 2021, but places are limited, so please register as soon as possible.

The deadline for registration is 1st February 2021, but places are limited, so please register as soon as possible.If you are interested in attending, we encourage you also to take a look at the  session “Shellfish Restoration and Conservation” in the main Aquaculture Europe conference. Find out more…

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