NORA Outreach: Online Question and Qnswer Session with Dr. Ian McLeod

The NORA Outreach Working Group is delighted to announce a Question and Answer session with the marine habitat restoration communications expert Dr Ian McLeod, as part of the second bimonthly Outreach Working Group meeting taking place at 10am (CET) on Tuesday June 23rd. Ian will kick off the session with a brief presentation on “Effective communication for shellfish restoration projects”. The session will allow plenty of time for questions and we hope to stimulate a wide ranging and interesting discussion. Whether your question is project specific and you would like to take this opportunity to brainstorm, or whether you have more general questions, please bring them along. 

We are excited to have Dr. Ian McLeod battle the difference in time zones to speak to us from the comfort of our own homes. Join us to find out more about the art of communicating native oyster reefs and their restoration to a range of stakeholders. 

You may already be familiar with some of Dr. McLeod’s work, perhaps through his chapter on communications in the Global Manager’s Guide. This talk will go beyond what is introduced there and provide you with the opportunity to discuss this topic in an open and friendly forum.

Please consider submitting questions in advance to the NORA Secretariat, as this may help us structure the session to everyone’s benefit. There will, however, also be plenty of scope to ask questions that come up on the day. 

The second part of the Working Group Meeting will be taking a look at some draft infographics on various topics within oyster restoration. If you have a draft infographic you would like to discuss with the group (even if it is on the back of a napkin!), it would be helpful if you could send to the NORA Secretariat in advance to ensure that we budget enough time to plan these into the session. 

Speaker bio: Dr Ian McLeod is the Assistant Director and a Principal Research Scientist at TropWATER, James Cook University. His research focuses on coastal habitat restoration, ecotourism, coral reef ecology, climate change impacts on the marine environment and land-based effects on coastal waters. He is passionate about science communication and a Director of a media company called Cinematic Science.