NORA Outreach Group

Outreach work and materials are of fundamental importance for every project within the NORA network. Oyster restoration in Europe is still a new and growing field. Most people are not aware of the existence of the European native oyster, nor of the urgent need to protect and restore this keystone species. An important part of oyster restoration efforts is, therefore, to inform stakeholders and the general public about why these efforts are taking place. 

Outreach is also an art and a science itself, and experience in this field is priceless in delivering effective learning and outcomes. This is where the newly formed NORA Outreach Group steps in: We want to share our experiences with developing and using outreach materials and lessons learned within the process. Where appropriate, we also aim to share project outreach materials or – if needed – develop them together within the group. 

Everyone is invited to take part in our webinars with changing topics and speakers from within the NORA network and beyond. The meetings are held online regularly, upcoming events can be found in the Announcement page. 

To join us please contact the chair of the Outreach Group, Corina Peter (German restoration projects, AWI, Corina will send all registered participants call-in details in advance of each meeting.

Please check the NORA website regularly and follow NORA on twitter (@NORA_Europe) in order to ensure you do not miss out on any opportunities created by this group. 

Sharing your own oyster outreach activities on twitter? Please tag NORA and use #oyster #outreach so that others can find and share your work.