NORA Outreach Group

The Native Oyster Network- UK & Ireland and NORA created a series of infographics and illustrations for the “European Native Oyster Habitat Restoration Handbook”. We welcome the members of NORA/Native Oyster Network- UK & Ireland to use these resources to communicate their work.

When using these resources please acknowledge the Native Oyster Network – UK & Ireland and NORA,  either by displaying our logos or by including: ©2020, Native Oyster Network – UK & Ireland, Native Oyster Restoration Alliance

NORA for Kids

The NORA Outreach Working Group is excited to be launching a series of downloadable fun activities for kids to coincide with the launch of the UN Decade on Restoration #GenerationRestoration. NORA for Kids…

NORA Outreach Group Documents



Native Oyster Network / NORA Infographics

Native Oyster Network / NORA Illustrations