NORA Outreach Group Meetings

Summaries of the bimonthly Working Group Webinars can be found below. Please get in touch with Corina Peter or the Secretariat if you would like to be informed about future meetings.


NORA Outreach Working Group Shares Experiences in Developing Information Boards


Second NORA Outreach Group Meeting Summary 23.06.2020

Question and Answer session with Dr. Ian McLeod

Following the presentation by Ian McLeod and Simon Branigan, Ian kindly fielded questions from participants. See the presentation here and read the full Q and A here… 

Infographic session

Following on from the Question and Answer session, Celine Gamble of the Native Oyster Network UK and Ireland shared some draft infographics with the group for comment and improvement. The infographics presented are being formalized by a designer for the European Native Oyster Restoration Handbook, UK and Ireland.

First NORA Outreach Group Meeting Summary 21.04.2020

Bringing NORA members together for exchanging outreach experiences: The first NORA Outreach webinar was hosted successfully on April 21st 2020! 

This webinar focused on 1) the introduction of this newly formed group and an outlook on possible future activities presented by Philine zu Ermgassen, 2) the experiences on outreach events at a primary school, conducted by the Blue Marine Foundation and presented by Luke Helmer, 3) the development of educational material for High Schools, specifically in Germany, by the PROCEED project and presented by Corina Peter and 4)  an overview of the current outreach and engagement methods outlined in the draft UK-Ireland Native Oyster Restoration Handbook presented by Celine Gamble, ZSL. 

In the webinar, the working group identified common interests, future collaborations between projects and possible outreach products, which could be developed together and then be provided to everyone on the NORA homepage. Further details can be found below, and you can watch the associated presentaions in the „Video“ section of the Outreach Group website.

Philine – Introducing the NORA Outreach Group

The NORA Secretariat are delighted that Corina Peter (AWI) has proposed chairing a NORA Outreach Group. Bi-monthly meetings are planned, in which participants can share their outreach experiences and learn from one another. The group will also seek to share outreach materials where possible, through the NORA website.

The NORA Secretariat look forward to actively supporting this effort to share experiences and knowledge of oyster restoration outreach. They will also be looking to support outreach activities at the NORA conferences. For the 2020 conference a range of experience sharing opportunities are offered. Participants are invited to share their experiences in a poster, talk, or through a “speed dating” slot. These short presentations are designed to allow projects to introduce themselves and their work, or share news about their project in a friendly setting, or to make calls for data or collaboration. There will also be a “Games Night” at the conference (registration required), where the participants will be facilitated in group working to develop their own oyster-themed educational games for a range of age groups. There is an open call to anyone who wants to assist with the running of, or participate in this session.

Most importantly, the NORA Secretariat extend a warm welcome to the Outreach Group, and thank them for their ongoing efforts to support and educate others about the exciting, important and growing field of oyster restoration in Europe.


Video: Corina Peter introduces oyster restoration outreach activities for secondary schools…

Corina Peter is a researcher in the restoration projects RESTORE and PROCEED at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Germany. Within PROCEED, an active knowledge transfer capacity is being developed, with the goal of utilizing the native oyster and the reefs it forms as an example for the importance of ecological key species and their ecosystem services. This talk focuses on one subject of the outreach work of PROCEED: The development of educational materials which then can be used in (German) High Schools.

PROCEED is supported by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation with funds from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety within the Federal Programme for Biological Diversity (Bundesprogramm Biologische Vielfalt).


Video: Luke Helmer introduces oyster restoration outreach activities for primary schools…

Dr Luke Helmer is the Scientific Officer for the Blue Marine Foundation and works on the Solent Oyster Restoration Project. To increase the projects wider impact, the team have been developing lesson plans, online educational material and outreach activities for audiences including primary school children, university students and the general public. In this talk, Luke covers case studies of the classroom-based learning and hands on field trips conducted in association with Wicor Primary School.


Video: Celine Gamble introduces the UK-Ireland guide to oyster restoration outreach…

Celine is the Coordinator for the Native Oyster Network – UK & Ireland, co-founded by the Zoological Society of London and the University of Portsmouth. The UK Network is currently producing a “Native Oyster Restoration Handbook” in collaboration with NORA, including a chapter on “Engagement and communications for a restoration project”. In this presentation Celine provides an overview of the current outreach and engagement methods outlined in the draft handbook, seeking to share the methods and gain feedback from the NORA Outreach working group.