NORA Outreach Group explore engagement with schools

The NORA Outreach group is happy to announce the second meeting of 2021 
on Tuesday April 20th at 10 am CET / 9 am GMT online.

The topic of this meeting will be the development of education materials for schools, using the native oyster and its biogenic reefs as ecosystem examples. One goal of the Outreach Group is to design educational material for all NORA members to use within their country and projects. The first step here will be to determine common topics, which are also present in the school programs and age classes around Europe. From there, materials can be developed and translated to the different languages of participating countries. 

To kick off the discussion, Celine Gamble, Project Manager for the Wild Oysters Project will be presenting the progress of their Education Programme developed by ZSL and BLUE education teams. The materials are in line with KS2 and KS3 students (age classes 7 – 14), including lesson plans, presentations and worksheets. Corina Peter from the German oyster restoration project PROCEED will then follow on with some examples for the materials they have been developing in cooperation with school students for senior classes (age classes 14 +). Subsequently, the process of developing materials together will be started by deciding on topics and methods of the educational material and discussing further steps. All of you, who are interested in participating are gladly invited to join the meeting, give your input and take part in this exciting process! If you already have some ideas upfront, please share them with us so we can already add them to the agenda.

For further information and the call in details please contact Corina Peter ( or the NORA secretariat (