NORA 3 Online
NORA 3rd Conference4th – 5th November 2020

Photo: Bureau Waardenburg Ecology & Landscape, Floor Driessen

Download: NORA-3-Online-Abstracts.pdf

Philine zu Ermgassen

Philine zu Ermgassen has ten years experience in oyster restoration science and marine coastal habitat restoration. She has developed numerous ecosystem service models for oyster and other coastal habitats in the US and globally, and authored both scientific papers and outreach user manuals to help to translate the science into policy and practice. She is delighted to be supporting the continued process of learning about and sharing experiences of oyster restoration. Philine is a member of the NORA Secretariat.

Katrin Wollny-Goerke

Katrin Wollny-Goerke is an independent freelancer, based in Hamburg with her small enterprise meeresmedien Katrin has been working in support of NORA since its founding, and has assisted with the organization of both the first NORA meeting in Berlin 2017, and NORA 2 in Edinburgh. Katrin is a member of the NORA Secretariat.

Hein Sas

Hein Sas is member of the NORA Advisory Board and is as such a link between the Dutch native oyster restoration network and NORA. He is highly motivated to help organising NORA3, since he strongly believes that exchange of knowledge and experiences on a European level will help to speed up native oyster restoration projects.

Boze Hancock

Boze Hancock is the Senior Marine Habitat Restoration Scientist for TNC’s Global Oceans Team and a member of the NORA Secretariat. Boze assists in developing marine habitat restoration in new geographies and provides technical support for partners and numerous restoration projects throughout TNC’s global portfolio. He also works to provide the science support for marine habitat restoration, particularly through quantifying the ecosystem services these habitats provide human communities. Boze is a member of the NORA Secretariat.

Karel van den Wijngaard

Karel is managing the shellfish reef restoration projects at ARK Nature (NL) (, working closely together with, first of all, WWF-NL and with other parties and organisations, in the Netherlands and abroad. As such, he has been involved with the first field projects in the Netherlands since the beginning (2016), in Dutch marine and estuarine waters. He has been connected with NORA since the first gathering in Berlin in 2017. He is currently setting up the Dutch restoration network, since he believes in cooperation between all parties involved to further the cause. Hence, he also gladly assists in organising NORA3. Karel has a background in environmental sciences.