NORA 3 is moving online
NORA 3rd Conference4th – 5th November 2020Now online meeting!

Photo: Bureau Waardenburg Ecology & Landscape, Floor Driessen

Call for Abstracts

NORA 3 Now online meeting!

We invite the NORA community to present exciting project results and new restoration initiatives or projects in a series of engaging 5-minutes presentations.

Please consider whether you have any news fulfilling the following criteria and submit an abstract!

  • Exciting results: results from European native oyster restoration pilots and/or experiments which give important new insights in success and/or failure factors behind restoration efforts. These pilots/experiments can be at nearshore as well as offshore locations, and if ‘ground-breaking’, done in the lab.
  • New projects: restoration initiatives in countries or regions new to the NORA network and/or projects which are new in terms of design, scale, cooperation between parties and/or legislation related to restoration aspects.

Abstract submission guidelines

Please submit your abstract (not longer than 250 words) before the 1st September 2020 to

Presenters will be notified by the Committee by the 15th September. 

Please note that accepted presentations will have to be submitted in advance of the conference in order to allow for smooth online transitions. 

Presenters will also be asked to prepare a draft presentation beforehand and to submit it by the 1st of October, such that the organisers can determine the optimal order of presentations and ensure that presentations are complementary. Please be prepared to collaborate with the organisers in order to tailor the presentations to the requirements of online presentations. The final version of presentations and a recorded version will need to be submitted advance of the conference.

Please use our abstract template for the submission of your abstract.