NORA Monitoring Group

Oyster restoration with Ostrea edulis is still in at a pilot or experimental phase for most projects. As oyster restoration in Europe scales up and is adopted in a growing number of sites, it is important that lessons learned from existing projects can be effectively communicated and understood. Given that projects have a limited number of resources and are unable to test all possibilities themselves, it is helpful if work undertaken in one location can be translated to another. In order to facilitate this learning, NORA is proud to support the Monitoring Working Group in drafting pan-European monitoring guidelines.

The work to develop monitoring guidelines was started by the UK-Ireland Native Oyster Network in 2018 In December 2019 The UK-Ireland Network hosted a workshop in Portsmouth University, in collaboration with NORA, to agree on and develop the guidelines further. The workshop was funded by the University of Portsmouth, EU Life Project, John Ellerman.

The Guidelines are currently open to public consultation. The consultation closes 25th May 2021.
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