NORA Genetics Group

In summer 2022, the NORA genetics working group was launched. This group is a follow-up of the workshop that was held online of February 25th 2021 (see our post “NORA to host Ostrea edulis genetics workshop“). It will cover all topics related to genetics and genomics of Ostrea edulis, including wild populations, hatchery production and selective breeding. 

The working group will favour cooperation, exchange of knowledge and of samples between research groups in the field. It will also address questions that may be raised by NORA members and propose recommendations. 

The first meeting of the NORA Genetics Working Group was held online on 12 July 2022. Participants mainly discussed the scope and objectives of this new working group. 

As a first outcome, we plan to establish of a database of available DNA and RNA samples and set up a survey of expectations and questions of NORA members about genetics of Ostrea edulis. Presentations of NORA genetics working group at coming genetics conferences are also planned.

Please get in touch with Pierre Boudry ( if you’d like to join this NORA working group.