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The Foundation of Ostrea

Explaining the development of oyster reefs to kids can sometimes be challenging, illustrations and an easy-to-understand story behind it makes this easier. Camilla Bertolini and Claudia Fratini together created such a story about the „Foundation of Ostrea“, an oyster reef city in the Adriatic Sea. Camilla is a benthic ecologist working as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Ca’Foscari University of Venedig, Claudia Fratini is a young artist and illustrator studying in Milan.

The story about the oyster Nassaia and her journey to found an oyster reef is now available as PDFs in four languages (Italian, Spanish, French, German) and free for use for everyone. Thanks for the translation goes to Santi, Bérenger and Katrin.

We would be happy to also present the story in English, so if any native English speaking person in NORA wants to make this possible and help in the translation process – please get in contact with Corina ( or the NORA secretariat for further details.

Colouring activities for kids

Elise (age 7) enjoys colouring the species associated with native oyster habitats in Europe.

The native European oyster has inspired artworks for centuries. From Edouard Manet to James Weaver, oysters have been brought to life on canvas and paper. Here you can join artists from around the world and across centuries by painting your own native oyster. Let your imagination run wild! Use the oyster as a canvas itself- what stories could it tell? The art-world is your oyster.

What might a restored oyster habitat look like?

Oyster reefs have largely disappeared from Europe’s waters over the past two hundred years due to human causes. This makes it very difficult to know what to expect from a fully restored and functioning oyster habitat. Here is one example of what scientists think oyster habitats will look like once they are restored. How many marine animals can you find and colour? Can you add your own drawings of sea creatures you might expect to find on an oyster reef in Europe?

You can enjoy these activities at home. If you would like to share your artwork with oyster enthusiasts and conservation biologists, please send a photograph of your picture to

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