Ms Monica Fabra

PhD researcher, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom


Ostrea edulis, Other Bivalve Species
Aquaculture, Biosecurity, Disease, Genetics, Invasive Species, Oyster Habitat Restoration, Seed Production, Oyster Supplier (Hatchery)

Project affiliation

Solent Oyster Restoration Project

I am a marine biologist, specialised in Marine Ecology, currently PhD student at the Institute of Marine Sciences of Portsmouth (University of Portsmouth, UK). My research involves the hatchery production of the native oyster O.edulis as spat-on-shell for restoration in the Solent. I am investigating the genetic implications surrounding the employment of locally adapted broodstock from disease-affected areas, for the hatchery production of native oyster seed for restoration purposes, monitoring the genetic diversity and potential disease-resistance during the whole production process. I am also investigating the mechanisms of competitive exclusion of C. fornicata, assessing the factors responsible for the inhibition of O. edulis natural recruitment in the Solent. During my most recent work experience, I've been running an aquarium based experiment to investigate the role of microplastics as pathogen vectors. All my previous experiences include projects related to the biodiversity and conservation fields of study.



Dr. Boze Hancock

Senior Marine Habitat Restoration Scientist, The Nature Conservancy, United States


Ostrea edulis
Aquaculture, Biosecurity, Disease, Ecosystem Service Quantification, Genetics, Historical Ecology, Monitoring, Site Selection

Developing the science, networks and communication to allow the scale-up of shellfish reef restoration to address habitat destruction on an ecologically meaningful scale. This includes developing the primary science to support restoration and quantifying the ecosystem services provided by the restored habitat, translating that science into formats accessible to a variety of practitioners and facilitating knowledge exchange across a range of projects, geographies and taxa.



Dr. Pierre Boudry

Head of Research Unit, Ifremer, France


Ostrea edulis, Crassostrea angulata
Aquaculture, Genetics

Research scientist within Ifremer since 1994, Pierre Boudry develops studies on genetics and genomics of marine molluscs exploited by fisheries or aquaculture. He focusses on population genetics (diversity, adaptation) and genetic improvement (domestication, selective breeding) of bivalves.