NORA Biosecurity Working Group

NORA is proud to support a Biosecurity Working Group, with the aim of collaborating and exchanging knowledge to reduce the risks associated with oyster restoration in practice.

The NORA Biosecurity Working Group has partnered with the UK- Ireland Native Oyster Network (NON) to develop guidelines for native oyster restoration in practice. These guidelines were initially drafted during a workshop in January 2020, hosted by Heriot-Watt University, and funded by the Environment Agency and an EU Life grant administered via Wetlands International. The guidelines report was published in November 2020. One can download the report here.

The original Biosecurity Working Group thereby finished its work. However, the science as well as the innovations regarding flat oyster disease diagnosis and control are rapidly progressing. Also, scaling up restoration poses new challenges to invasive alien species import avoidance. Hence, NORA has taken the initiative to restart the Working Group. An initial meeting was organised in November 2023 and new meetings are being planned for 2024.

The Working Group is currently being coordinated by Hein Sas. If you would like to join, please take up contact with him (