NORA 5 Presentations and Posters will soon be available

15 days ago, we started into NORA 5 with the opening talks and the speed poster session. We heard 8 brilliant short pitch presentations and were invited to discuss more than 30 posters in the evening of the first conference day. 

Fortunately, a lot of speakers and poster presenters have already agreed to publish their presentations or posters at the NORA website. We are still waiting for some feedback. Due to publishing rights or copyright issues, some prefer to submit adapted versions, only a very few presentations or posters cannot be published. We will inform you when the material is uploaded on the NORA website.

Thanks again for all the enthusiastic and kind words that we at the NORA secretariat have received over the last 15 days. Talks were brilliant and discussions energizing, enjoyable and enriching, as we heard from many of the presenters and participants.