Scaling-up European Oyster Reef Restoration
November 2023
Photo Matthias Huber, Ifremer

NORA 5 Excursion:
November 8, 13:00 – 19:00 CEST

Groups, lunch and departure:
Participants will be divided over 3 groups of ca. 25 persons (with their own transport buses), which will take turns in visiting the excursion locations. The groups will be indicated by a coloured dot on the participant badges.

Before departure, participants will be provided with a packed lunch.

The transport buses will depart shortly after the conclusion of the conference (13:00 local time) from the conference venue (Van der Valk Hotel Middelburg).

Excursion locations:
The excursion will take place in Yerseke, the Dutch shellfish hub. Arrival in Yerseke is expected ca. 13:30 local time. Visits will be to:

  • Roem van Yerseke:
    shellfish hatchery visit
    (address: Groeninx van Zoelenstraat 36, 4401 KZ Yerseke)
  • De Oesterij:
    tour of the shellfish culture heritage exhibition and oyster tasting
    (address: Havendijk 12, 4401 NS Yerseke)
  • Wageningen Marine Research:
    demonstration of experiments related to oyster reef restoration
    (address: Korringaweg 5, 4401 NT Yerseke)

Transport afterwards:
After the excursion, all 3 buses will make a stop at 

  • Kruiningen-Yerseke train station (ca. 17:45 local time),
  • at Middelburg train station (ca. 18:30 local time)
  • and will then arrive back at the Van der Valk hotel (ca. 19:00 local time).

At Kruiningen-Yerseke train station, there are connections to Rotterdam/Schiphol/Antwerpen/ Brussels at .24 and .54 after the whole hour.

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