Scaling-up European Oyster Reef Restoration
November 2023
Photo Matthias Huber, Ifremer


International Conference 
6th – 8th November 2023
Middelburg, The Netherlands

The Native Oyster Restoration Alliance, the European network for the restoration of native oyster (Ostrea edulis) reefs, held its 5th conference in November 2023. After two online-conferences, it was the first time since 2019 that the NORA community came together for an in-person meeting, in Middelburg in The Netherlands.

NORA 5 Conference – Impressions by Carmen Jiménez Albentosa

The conference provided many opportunities for knowledge exchange, joint collaboration and discussions, in which the NORA community enthusiastically participated. The programme included some side events, e.g. a PhD/student workshop on the morning of November 6, a poster session, several evening meetings and finally an excursion to the Dutch shellfish hub Yerseke on the afternoon of November 8.

Participants came from 13 countries, divided according to the graphic below:

The conference consisted of plenary sessions only. Topics included:

  • results of restoration pilots and scaling-up methods
  • historical ecology and site selection
  • production
  • genetics
  • biosecurity
  • monitoring methods
  • ecosystem services
  • and stakeholder involvement.

Presentations which were allowed to be shared can be found NORA 5 Programme & Talks section. All abstracts of talks and posters are provided in “NORA-5-Abstracts.pdf”. The poster session was very successful, too, and enabled the participants to get quickly in discussion and knowledge exchange. The posters which are allowed to be shared now as a pdf can be found in “NORA 5 Poster Sessions”. Please be aware: you are not allowed to use graphics, photos or data without permission of the authors. 

The excursion was guided to three locations:

  • Roem van Yerseke: shellfish hatchery visit
  • De Oesterij: tour of the shellfish culture heritage exhibition and oyster tasting
  • Wageningen Marine Research: demonstration of experiments related to oyster reef restoration

NORA is very grateful for the hosting by these three institutions and the insight in their work provided.

Closing session by Raquel Yotti

The conference was closed by Raquel Yotti, General Secretary of Research & Innovation of the Ministry of Science of Spain, who voiced her recognition for NORA’s important role in flat oyster reef restoration knowledge sharing and communication in a video message.

NORA 5 Videonote: NORA Acknowledged as Important Hub for Knowledge Exchange

NORA 5 Partners