NORA 4 Conference
23rd – 25th November 2021Now Online!

Photo: Stéphane Pouvreau, IFREMER.
Reconnecting across Europe
NORA 4 will now take place online!
Registration deadline is extended to November 15th 2021


Tuesday November 23rd, 2021

Whole day Registration/Poster installation
09:30 Student session Student session (registration required)
12:00 Lunch (& NON UK-IRE network meeting; registration required)
13:30 Opening and welcome by organisers and sponsors
14:00 Keynotes Keynote speaker
14:35 Update on NORA activities
15:15 Break
15:45 The Conversation ‘Monitoring’ session
17:15 New restoration project introductions
17:45 Poster session Poster session, including posters Working groups
19:00 End of day one

Wednesday November 24th, 2021

Whole day Registration continued
09:00 Opening day 2
09:15 The Conversation ‘Site selection’ session
10:45 Break
11:15 The Conversation ‘Biosecurity’ and ´Genetics´ session
12:45 Lunch
13:45 The Conversation ‘Management/Legislation´ and ´Production´ session
15:15 Break
15:45 The Conversation ‘Pilot results’ session
17:15 End of day two

Thursday November 25th, 2021

9:00 Opening day 3
09:10 Keynotes Keynote speaker
09:45 The Conversation ´Ecosystem services´ session
10:45 Break
11:15 Summary of NORA Working Group plans
11:45 NORA Advisory Board/Secretariat Panel discussion NORA Advisory Board/Secretariat Panel discussion, with reflections on NORA organisation plans
12:45 Closing statement/excursion briefing
13:30 End of conference

The NORA Conference:
Purpose and Organisation of Programme Items

The NORA 4 Organising Committee, NORA Advisory Board and NORA 4 Scientific committee look forward to welcoming you to the NORA 4 conference from 23rd – 25th November 202. It is the active engagement and energy of the wider NORA community that we are seeking to provide a platform for during the conference. To this end, there are many elements of the conference which seek to deviate from a traditional conference focused on the sharing of scientific knowledge and achievements. Please attend prepared to participate in NORA-wide discussions, whether you are an established scientist, a non-academic project partner, or a student. We wish to create a forum where all voices can be heard. 

In order to give you a flavor of what is in store, here is a brief overview of the conference sessions.

Student Session (registration required)

At this postgraduate workshop, students at all stages of their research project will present their research plans or results, exchanging knowledge. Aiming to create a supportive environment, the workshop will be open not only to students, but to whoever is interested in joining the event as mentors or interested parties. There will, however, be a limited number of attendees to maintain a relaxed atmosphere. This session presents a great opportunity for networking and future collaborations. There will be a student-only social event held on the evening of the 22nd November. Registration and abstract submission for the student session is now open. The abstract deadline is July 15th 2021. We hope to see you there!


The NORA 4 Organising Committee and the NORA Advisory Board are delighted to be hosting two global leaders in restoration of Ostrea species from around the world. We look forward to learning about oyster restoration from long standing and fast growing projects from the Pacific coast of the USA and Australia, and in finding out what lessons can perhaps be transferred. 
Find out more about our keynote speakers Chris Gillies and Betsy Peabody.

Novel research

Abstracts are invited for each of the conferences themed sessions: site selection, monitoring, biosecurity, genetics, oyster production, restoration pilot results, ecosystem services and restoration management. The scientific committee and the organising committee will work to ensure that the sessions include a balance across all work being undertaken within the NORA network. Masters and PhD-students are encouraged to present results of their research projects: our policy is that quality goes above seniority. Each session will consist not only of presentations, but also an opportunity for the NORA community to reflect on the findings presented, and to discuss further the potential role of NORA in progressing each theme.

Poster session

Posters are a great way to present activities and results, especially if you would like to discuss them further with interested parties face-to-face. We encourage restoration projects and research projects alike to submit an abstract for a poster and share their progress with the NORA community.

NORA Advisory Board/Secretariat Panel discussion

NORA is fortunate to have a dedicated Advisory Board, reflecting the geographic and professional diversity within the network. This session will provide an opportunity for the network to hear directly from the Advisory Board, and to pose their own questions in an open discussion.