NORA 3 Online
NORA 3rd Conference4th – 5th November 2020

Photo: Bureau Waardenburg Ecology & Landscape, Floor Driessen

Download: NORA-3-Online-Abstracts.pdf

Day 1 / Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

All times are CET. The conference starts at 9am GMT.

10:00Welcome to NORA 3 Online
Hein Sas
10:10Technical Introdcution
Chair: Alison Debney
10:15Keynote – Genetics and Genomics of Ostrea edulis
Pierre Boudry
10:30Questions & Comments
Chair: Alison Debney
10:40Launch NORA/NON Biosecurity Guidelines
Philine zu Ermgassen
10:50Questions & Comments
Chair: Alison Debney
11:00Launch UK-Ireland NON Oyster Restoration Managers Guide
Joanne Preston
11:10Questions & Comments
Chair: Alison Debney
11:30Update on the NON/NORA Oyster Restoraton Monitoring Guidelines
Alison Debney
11:40Questions & Comments
Chair: Bernadette Pogoda
11:50Presentations of New Projects

Celine Gamble
Introducing the Wild Oysters Project: Firth of Clyde, Conwy Bay & Tyne & Wear

Nancy Nevejan
UNITED Project – The Flat Oyster Restoration Envisaged in the Belgian Pilot

Eve Galimany
Evaluating the Role of Flat Oysters for Bioremediation Strategies in Mar Menor, a Degraded Lagoon in the Western Mediterranean Sea

Ken Collins
MARINEFF Solent Oyster Enhancement Reefs

Alec Reid
Galway Bay Native Oyster Restoration Project

Jesper Elzinga
Making use of Offshore Windfarms for Native Oyster Rehabilitation: A Case Study for Borssele OWF

Renate Olie
Towards a Reliable Supply Chain of Bonamia-Free Flat Oysters

12:20Closing Statement
Boze Hancock
12:40End of Session

Day 2 / Thursday November 5th, 2020

Hein Sas
10:10Merging Science and Community to Achieve Shellfish Restoration and Management
Anne Birch & Laura Geselbracht
10:25Questions & Comments
Chair: Bill Sanderson
10:35Working Group Updates
Ruth Thurstan, Corina Peter, Anna Hughes, Åsa Strand
10:55Questions & Comments
Chair: Bill Sanderson
11:15Presentations of Important Results from Existing Projects

Matt Uttley
Essex Native Oyster Restoration Initiative Pilot Results and Scale up Plans

Stèphane Pouvreau
Which Concrete Substrate Suits You? Ostrea edulis Larval Preferences and Implications for Shellfish Restoration in Europe

Tom Cameron
Active Sea Bed Management for Native Oyster Restoration in High Sediment Load Estuaries

Emilie Reuchlin
Recruitment for First Actively Restored Oyster Reef in Offshore North Sea and Successful Near- and Offshore Outplacement of Oyster Spat

Verena Merk
Ostrea edulis Pilot Reef in Natura 2000 Site Borkum Reefground

11:45Questions & Comments
Chair: Karel van de Wijngaard
11:55OSPAR Assessment Overview
Bernadette Pogoda
12:00NORA 2: Special Issue of Aquatic Conservation
Bill Sanderson
12:05NORA Perspectives
Philine zu Ermgassen
12:15Calls for Collaboration
12:30Closing Statement
Henning von Nordheim
12:40Closing of the Conference