NORA 2019 Schedule

DAY 1: 21st MAY 2019

INFO: 08:30 – 12:00 Exhibitors set up, plus Posters to be added to boards in Wellcome Rooms West & East
13:00Welcome addresses
Various speakers
13:30Conference Keynote address
European oyster restoration – what works, what doesn’t and why
Chair: Philine Zu Ermgassen
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Time Author Title
14-00 Pogoda, Merk, Colsoul, Hausen, Peter Site selection for biogenic reef restoration: A case study for native oyster restoration in a Natura 2000 site
14-15 Bromley & McGonigle Native oysters on the border - insights and guidance from over 10 years’ native oyster research and management in Lough Foyle
14-30 Debney, Bird, Cameron, Cox, Lown, Dyer, zu Ermgassen, Glover, Harward, Jenner, Korda, Uttley. Rewilding Oysters in Essex – navigating our way to a self-sustaining Ostrea edulis population.
14-45 Tully, O’Halloran, Kelly, O’Dowd Scoping the potential for restoration of native oyster in Galway Bay, Ireland
15-00 Pouvreau, Gachelin, Cochet, Sebaibi, Chaudemanche & Boudry Flat Oyster Restoration in France: the FOREVER project
15-15 Discussion
15:30Coffee Break
European oyster restoration – what works, what doesn’t and why (off-shore)
CHAIR: Pauline Kamermans
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16-00 Sas, van den Wijngaard, Didderen, van der Have, Kamermans, Reuchlin, Groot, Folkerts Recommendations for flat oyster restoration in the North Sea
16-15 Strookman & Schild A Rich North Sea: where wind energy and nature development complement each other
16-30 ter Hofstede, Kamermans, van Houcke, Geijsen, Didderen & Bouma Implementing large scale flat oyster restoration in offshore wind farms
16-45 van der Jagt, Lengkeek, Reuchlin, Bergsma, Deden, Didderen, Kamermans, van der Have, Sas, Folkerts & Groot Offshore flat oyster restoration in the North Sea: Techniques and experiences
17-00 zu Ermgassen, Hancock, Branigan, Gillies & Cheng Updated Restoration Guidelines for Shellfish Reefs
17-15 Discussion
17:30End of Conference Day 1
19:00Conference Reception at National Museum of Scotland

DAY 2: 22nd MAY 2019

Biosecurity and management
CHAIR: Bernadette Pogoda
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09-00 Preston, Helmer, Scott-Harris, Hammerson, Roberston & Hendy Research driven practice and strategy underpinning the Solent Oyster Restoration project.
09-15 Merou, Pouvreau & Arzul Investigation of Bonamia ostreae and Marteilia refringens cycle outside their bivalve host, Ostrea edulis
09-30 Deden, Sas, Kamermans, Reuchlin, van der Have, Groot, van den Wijngaard, Villalba, Arzul, zu Ermgassen, Pogoda, Colsoul, Helmer, Lown, Zwerschke, & Joanne Preston Bonamia infection in flat oysters (Ostrea edulis) in relation to European restoration projects
09-45 Sanderson, Cook, Cordingley, Lee, Mair, Mac Pherson & Porter Translocation and biosecurity for European oysters (Ostrea edulis) in environmental restoration projects
10-00 Kamermans, Blanco, van Dalen, Peene, Engelsma Non-destructive Bonamiascreening for hatchery production of Bonamia-free flat oysters (Ostrea edulis)
10-15 Discussion
10:30Coffee Break
What does success look like, and how do we get there?
CHAIR: Joanne Preston
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Time Author Title
11-00 Thorngren, Holthuis, Bergström, Lindegarth, Lindegarth New insight on the distribution, population size and management of Ostrea edulis in Sweden
11-15 Fariñas-Franco, Harries, Moore, Mair, Porter & Sanderson The biodiversity of bivalve shellfish habitats: ‘maintenance’ and ‘restoration’ targets
11-30 Lown, Dyer, Hepburn & Cameron Demographic modelling of Ostrea edulisin Essex, UK
11-45 Fernández Pascual & Schwabe CLIMAVORE: On Tidal Zones
12-00 Saurel, Nielsen, Barreau, Møller, Petersen European flat oyster in Denmark: natural and hatchery based production.
12-15 Discussion
Poster session (and exhibitors)
Alison Debney (p), Morag Garden (e)
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Author Title
Merk, Colsoul & Pogoda Performance of the first native oysters reintroduced to European offshore grounds
Lemasson & Knights Preferential parasitism of native oyster Ostrea edulis over non-native Magallana gigas by a Polydorid worm in Plymouth Sound, UK
Harris-Scott, Preston, Kean-Hammerson, Hendy Investigating growth and mortality of the European flat oyster, Ostrea edulis, when re-seeded at a range of densities, and the changes to the benthic biotope in the Solent, UK.
Brundu & Papiol Shellfish production in Sardinia: an opportunity for Ostrea edulis (Linnaeus, 1758) production and restocking
Frankić, Kavanaghand Delahoyde Restoration of Ostrea edulis along the coast of County Wicklow, Ireland.
Gamble, Debney & Preston Introducing the Native Oyster Network- UK & Ireland: How we aim to facilitate Ostrea edulisrestoration on a national scale
Hayden-Hughes & Smyth The Native Oyster as a diversification species for shellfish growers; a driver for restoration in Wales.
Ugalde & Crawford Ostrea angasi oyster reefs
Wrange, Thorngren, Bergström, Holthuis, Lindegarth, Laugen & Strand The unique case of flat oysters Ostrea edulis in Sweden: are we the exception that confirms the rule?
van der Have, Bergsma, Kamermans, Lengkeek, van der Zee & Sas The rediscovery of European flat oyster in the Dutch Wadden Sea
Jacobs, Greeve, Sikkema, Dubbeldam & Philippart Successful Rearing of Bonamia-free Ostrea edulis from parents originating from the Wadden Sea
Chapman, Rodriguez-Perez, Hugh-Jones, James, Diele & Sanderson Temporal and spatial distribution of native European oyster Ostrea edulis larvae in Loch Ryan
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Sessions 6 (Parallel Sessions)
Ecosystem services: Unlocking business models for restoration
CHAIR: Boze Hancock
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Time Author Title
16-00 Endsor, Debney & Withers Can Rhinos help to save Oysters? Lessons learned from ZSL’s Rhino Impact Investment Bond that could shape the future of oyster restoration.
16-15 Ugalde, Crawford, Gillies, Reeves, Hancock


To protect or to serve? Potential industry and the challenges of establishing restoration objectives using reference sites, Australia (Ostrea angasi).
16-30 Stechele, Nevejan, van der Zande & Bossier Native Oyster Restoration through Aquaculture: case study on the Belgian Part of the North Sea
16-45 Deden, Reuchlin, van den Wijngaard & Kaffka


A business case for oyster restoration on the North Sea: new collaborations at the win-win intersection
17-00 Lee, Sanderson & Diele Towards an ex-situ carbon budget for the native European oyster O. edulis
17-15 Discussion  
Future proofing: challenges and solutions
CHAIR: Pierre Boudry
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16-00 Lemasson, Hall-Spencer, Fletcher & Knights A multidisciplinary assessment of the effects of predicted climate change on the native oyster, Ostrea edulis: what implications for restoration?
16-15 Rodriguez-Perez, Sanderson, Møller & James Population connectivity of restored oyster beds: the larval behaviour of Ostrea edulis and why it matters
16-30 Maathuis, Coolen, Sas, van de Wijngaard, van der Have & Kamermans Predicting the timing of swarming of larvae: a future tool in native oyster restoration?
16-45 Bean, Gutierrez, Hooper & Houston Studies into the genetics of disease resistance in oysters
17-00 Discussion
17-15 Close
Industry session: Supply chain and market development
CHAIR: Morag Garden, Elaine Jamieson
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17:30End of Conference Day 2

DAY 3: 23rd MAY 2019

Time Programme
08:30 Teas/Coffees/Pastries
09:00 Session 6 (Plenary)
Chair: William Sanderson
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Summary and Conclusions
12:00 Firth of Forth Excursion leaving from RSE
TBC Excursion returns to Edinburgh [latest time will be 17:00]
INFO: All Posters and Exhibitors material must be taken down after the 11am coffee break and all to be removed by 1pm.