NORA-2019 Meeting-DEMO

Scottish oyster on the low shore, Photo George Stoyle

2nd NORA Conference May 21st – 23rd 2019

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Unlocking the Blue-print for Native Oyster Restoration in Europe

NORA-2019 is the international meeting of The Native Oyster Restoration Alliance NORA, Europe’s network that aims to reinforce and restore the native flat oyster (Ostrea edulis). This second international network meeting will be in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh: a city that was, in the 19th century, a hub for the annual export of up to 30 million oysters. We strongly encourage all those who are part of the Native Oyster community, from scientists and funders through to those who are growers of this iconic species to attend this conference.

This year’s meeting is hosted by The Glenmorangie Company together with its DEEP partners Heriot-Watt University and The Marine Conservation Society and will be held at the prestigious Royal Society of Edinburgh in the heart of the city.

Conference venue: 

The Royal Society of Edinburgh,
22-26 George Street,
Edinburgh, EH2 2PQ,
Scotland, UK


INFO: 08:30 – 12:00 Exhibitors set up, plus Posters to be added to boards in Wellcome Rooms West & East
13:00Welcome addresses
Various speakers
13:30Conference Keynote address
European oyster restoration – what works, what doesn’t and why
Chair: Philine Zu Ermgassen
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Time Author Title
14-00 Pogoda, Merk, Colsoul, Hausen, Peter Site selection for biogenic reef restoration: A case study for native oyster restoration in a Natura 2000 site
14-15 Bromley & McGonigle Native oysters on the border - insights and guidance from over 10 years’ native oyster research and management in Lough Foyle
14-30 Debney, Bird, Cameron, Cox, Lown, Dyer, zu Ermgassen, Glover, Harward, Jenner, Korda, Uttley. Rewilding Oysters in Essex – navigating our way to a self-sustaining Ostrea edulis population.
14-45 Tully, O’Halloran, Kelly, O’Dowd Scoping the potential for restoration of native oyster in Galway Bay, Ireland
15-00 Pouvreau, Gachelin, Cochet, Sebaibi, Chaudemanche & Boudry Flat Oyster Restoration in France: the FOREVER project
15-15 Discussion
15:30Coffee Break
European oyster restoration – what works, what doesn’t and why (off-shore)
CHAIR: Pauline Kamermans
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Time Author Title
16-00 Sas, van den Wijngaard, Didderen, van der Have, Kamermans, Reuchlin, Groot, Folkerts Recommendations for flat oyster restoration in the North Sea
16-15 Strookman & Schild A Rich North Sea: where wind energy and nature development complement each other
16-30 ter Hofstede, Kamermans, van Houcke, Geijsen, Didderen & Bouma Implementing large scale flat oyster restoration in offshore wind farms
16-45 van der Jagt, Lengkeek, Reuchlin, Bergsma, Deden, Didderen, Kamermans, van der Have, Sas, Folkerts & Groot Offshore flat oyster restoration in the North Sea: Techniques and experiences
17-00 zu Ermgassen, Hancock, Branigan, Gillies & Cheng Updated Restoration Guidelines for Shellfish Reefs
17-15 Discussion
17:30End of Conference Day 1
19:00Conference Reception at National Museum of Scotland

DAY 2: 22nd MAY 2019

Biosecurity and management
CHAIR: Bernadette Pogoda
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Time Author Title
09-00 Preston, Helmer, Scott-Harris, Hammerson, Roberston & Hendy Research driven practice and strategy underpinning the Solent Oyster Restoration project.
09-15 Merou, Pouvreau & Arzul Investigation of Bonamia ostreae and Marteilia refringens cycle outside their bivalve host, Ostrea edulis
09-30 Deden, Sas, Kamermans, Reuchlin, van der Have, Groot, van den Wijngaard, Villalba, Arzul, zu Ermgassen, Pogoda, Colsoul, Helmer, Lown, Zwerschke, & Joanne Preston Bonamia infection in flat oysters (Ostrea edulis) in relation to European restoration projects
09-45 Sanderson, Cook, Cordingley, Lee, Mair, Mac Pherson & Porter Translocation and biosecurity for European oysters (Ostrea edulis) in environmental restoration projects
10-00 Kamermans, Blanco, van Dalen, Peene, Engelsma Non-destructive Bonamiascreening for hatchery production of Bonamia-free flat oysters (Ostrea edulis)
10-15 Discussion
10:30Coffee Break
What does success look like, and how do we get there?
CHAIR: Joanne Preston
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Time Author Title
11-00 Thorngren, Holthuis, Bergström, Lindegarth, Lindegarth New insight on the distribution, population size and management of Ostrea edulis in Sweden
11-15 Fariñas-Franco, Harries, Moore, Mair, Porter & Sanderson The biodiversity of bivalve shellfish habitats: ‘maintenance’ and ‘restoration’ targets
11-30 Lown, Dyer, Hepburn & Cameron Demographic modelling of Ostrea edulisin Essex, UK
11-45 Fernández Pascual & Schwabe CLIMAVORE: On Tidal Zones
12-00 Saurel, Nielsen, Barreau, Møller, Petersen European flat oyster in Denmark: natural and hatchery based production.
12-15 Discussion
Poster session (and exhibitors)
Alison Debney (p), Morag Garden (e)
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Author Title
Merk, Colsoul & Pogoda Performance of the first native oysters reintroduced to European offshore grounds
Lemasson & Knights Preferential parasitism of native oyster Ostrea edulis over non-native Magallana gigas by a Polydorid worm in Plymouth Sound, UK
Harris-Scott, Preston, Kean-Hammerson, Hendy Investigating growth and mortality of the European flat oyster, Ostrea edulis, when re-seeded at a range of densities, and the changes to the benthic biotope in the Solent, UK.
Brundu & Papiol Shellfish production in Sardinia: an opportunity for Ostrea edulis (Linnaeus, 1758) production and restocking
Frankić, Kavanaghand Delahoyde Restoration of Ostrea edulis along the coast of County Wicklow, Ireland.
Gamble, Debney & Preston Introducing the Native Oyster Network- UK & Ireland: How we aim to facilitate Ostrea edulisrestoration on a national scale
Hayden-Hughes & Smyth The Native Oyster as a diversification species for shellfish growers; a driver for restoration in Wales.
Ugalde & Crawford Ostrea angasi oyster reefs
Wrange, Thorngren, Bergström, Holthuis, Lindegarth, Laugen & Strand The unique case of flat oysters Ostrea edulis in Sweden: are we the exception that confirms the rule?
van der Have, Bergsma, Kamermans, Lengkeek, van der Zee & Sas The rediscovery of European flat oyster in the Dutch Wadden Sea
Jacobs, Greeve, Sikkema, Dubbeldam & Philippart Successful Rearing of Bonamia-free Ostrea edulis from parents originating from the Wadden Sea
Chapman, Rodriguez-Perez, Hugh-Jones, James, Diele & Sanderson Temporal and spatial distribution of native European oyster Ostrea edulis larvae in Loch Ryan
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Sessions 6 (Parallel Sessions)
Ecosystem services: Unlocking business models for restoration
CHAIR: Boze Hancock
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Time Author Title
16-00 Endsor, Debney & Withers Can Rhinos help to save Oysters? Lessons learned from ZSL’s Rhino Impact Investment Bond that could shape the future of oyster restoration.
16-15 Ugalde, Crawford, Gillies, Reeves, Hancock


To protect or to serve? Potential industry and the challenges of establishing restoration objectives using reference sites, Australia (Ostrea angasi).
16-30 Stechele, Nevejan, van der Zande & Bossier Native Oyster Restoration through Aquaculture: case study on the Belgian Part of the North Sea
16-45 Deden, Reuchlin, van den Wijngaard & Kaffka


A business case for oyster restoration on the North Sea: new collaborations at the win-win intersection
17-00 Lee, Sanderson & Diele Towards an ex-situ carbon budget for the native European oyster O. edulis
17-15 Discussion  
Future proofing: challenges and solutions
CHAIR: Pierre Boudry
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Time Author Title
16-00 Lemasson, Hall-Spencer, Fletcher & Knights A multidisciplinary assessment of the effects of predicted climate change on the native oyster, Ostrea edulis: what implications for restoration?
16-15 Rodriguez-Perez, Sanderson, Møller & James Population connectivity of restored oyster beds: the larval behaviour of Ostrea edulis and why it matters
16-30 Maathuis, Coolen, Sas, van de Wijngaard, van der Have & Kamermans Predicting the timing of swarming of larvae: a future tool in native oyster restoration?
16-45 Bean, Gutierrez, Hooper & Houston Studies into the genetics of disease resistance in oysters
17-00 Discussion
17-15 Close
Industry session: Supply chain and market development
CHAIR: Morag Garden, Elaine Jamieson
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more details to follow

17:30End of Conference Day 2

DAY 3: 23rd MAY 2019

Time Programme
08:30 Teas/Coffees/Pastries
09:00 Session 6 (Plenary)
Chair: William Sanderson
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Summary and Conclusions
12:00 Firth of Forth Excursion leaving from RSE
TBC Excursion returns to Edinburgh [latest time will be 17:00]
INFO: All Posters and Exhibitors material must be taken down after the 11am coffee break and all to be removed by 1pm.

There will be an opportunity to publish conference papers through a Special Issue of the journal Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems.  Scientific results as well as social, political, legislative, logistical and conservation challenges and solutions will be considered.  Broader, Viewpoint articles are also an option.  It is anticipated that manuscripts will be submitted for peer review by the end of June. Final instructions on the process will be provided at the meeting.