Unlocking the Blue-print for Native Oyster Restoration in Europe

NORA-2019 was the international meeting 2019 of The Native Oyster Restoration Alliance NORA, Europe’s network that aims to reinforce and restore the native flat oyster (Ostrea edulis). This second international network meeting took place in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh: a city that was, in the 19th century, a hub for the annual export of up to 30 million oysters. Over 150 participants  of the Native Oyster community, from scientists and funders through to those who are growers of this iconic species attended this conference.

The 2019 meeting was hosted by The Glenmorangie Company together with its DEEP partners Heriot-Watt University and The Marine Conservation Society and was held at the prestigious Royal Society of Edinburgh in the heart of the city.

The participants of the European Native Oyster Restoration Conference NORA 2 in Edinburgh 2019.