Making the most out of the NORA network

The NORA Secretariat seeks to support those in the network to share experience and knowledge of oyster restoration in Europe, and to promote understanding of native oysters and their habitat in Europe. Our full mission statement can be found here.

In order to make the most of the NORA network, here are some recommendations for how you can support the aims of the network, and yield the greatest benefits for your project or interest in native oyster restoration. 

  1. Follow NORA on twitter! 
    @NORA_Europe provides regular updates, including links to new research which may be of interest to native oyster restoration practitioners.

  2. Share project updates with the NORA Secretariat. 
    The website is intended as a hub of information exchange relating to native oyster restoration in Europe. If you are setting up, sampling, doing outreach or have any results to share, please let the Secretariat know. The Secretariat can support you in drafting or draft on your behalf a blog/article/tweet which can let others know about any activities you are undertaking.

  3. Get in touch with ideas for collaborations. 
    Whether to explore potential partners for funding bids, or to find partners for existing projects, get in touch with the Secretariat and they can assist you with connecting with relevant projects and partners.

  4. Submit your details to the expert database. 
    NORA is developing a database of partners and people with interest and expertise in all aspects of native oyster restoration. Please check back soon to sign up on the website.

  5. Get involved with a Working Group. 
    NORA currently has six established working groups: Site Selection, Biosecurity, Monitoring, Outreach, Historical Ecology and Production. If you are interested in contributing to any working groups, please get in touch with the Secretariat. The Working Groups will themselves identify projects of mutual interest, which benefit from multiple partners and a pan-European approach. The NORA Secretariat is on hand to support the progress and productivity of NORA Working Groups. If you have an idea for a communal project or a working group theme which you believe the NORA community could contribute to and benefit from, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat.