Joanne Preston stepping down from the NORA Steering Board

Joanne Preston has announced she is stepping down from the NORA Steering Board, partly to enable a greater focus on the increasing scale of research and restoration projects she is involved with, but also to open up more representation on the Board from other countries. With existing members Alison Debney, Bill Sanderson and Tristan Hugh-Jones, she considers the UK network and knowledge being well represented in the current Steering Board.

Joanne has been with NORA from its very start and made important contributions to shaping and extending the organisation, as member of the original Advisory Board and later as member of the Steering Board.

She will remain involved with NORA, among others as coordinator of the Monitoring Working Group, a task which she performs together with Boze Hancock.

We are very grateful to Joanne for what she has done for NORA so far AND for continuing to play a key role in our organisation.