Initiate Collaborative Efforts - Restore Native Oyster Reefs

Photo: Anamarija Frankic

NORRI Project

Native Oyster Reef Restoration Ireland (NORRI), is working in Arklow Bay North and South, Wicklow County, Ireland. The project aims to initiate collaborative efforts and restore native oyster reefs, integrated with restoration of kelp habitats and other degraded coastal habitats. The NORRI Project received funding from the Rural Development program, LEADER grant and County Wicklow Partnership for “East Coast Oyster and Kelp Biodiversity Project”. This work package will specifically address training and education of local community about biomimetic restoration. Local Biomimicry LivingLabs will be established for testing in situ design of floating island structures in Wicklow Bay in support of integrated oyster and kelp restoration.

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Arklow Bay South – beach with accumulated oyster shells.
(Photos: Anamarija Frankic)
The carbon analysis done by NORRI Project showed that the native oyster shells are between 2000 and 4000 years old.


Anamarija Frankic 

Stephen Kavanagh