Are you a student interested in the field of native oysters? Join the new NORA Student Group.

After lots of positive interest and feedback at NORA 5 student session, we are excited to announce that a NORA Student Working group will be launching in January 2024. The first meeting will be online at 11:00am CET on 31st January 2023.

Sophie Valk and Fiona Woods have taken up the initiative to enhance the cooperation between students involved in oyster restoration. If you are a student at any level (BSc to PhD+) working on European oysters and would like to join the NORA student group for knowledge exchange, please contact Sophie or Fiona via

For more information and an interview with Sophie and Fiona take a look here…

The NORA Board and NORA Secretariat are very pleased that this NORA student group is established and highly appreciate the engagement from Sophie and Fiona – thanks a lot.